UPSC Syllabus : UPSC Exam For New Students & UPSC Complete Details

UPSC Syllabus & UPSC Exam Syllabus Stand For “Union Public Service Commission” Syllabus. All These Words are Used to find out The UPSC Prelims Syllabus and UPSC Mains Syllabus of India.

The Syllabus of UPSC 2018 – 2019 is so Tough to Find out in A lucid manner on Internet and other Places online. UPSC Syllabus Basically Stands for the Civil Services Examination Syllabus. UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) is an Organization which conducts so many examination every year. The Most Popular Exam conducted by UPSC is Civil Services Exam. As we know that the Civil services are most common exam in which every Graduate wants to Enter and Crack this UPSC Exam 2018 – 2019.

UPSC Syllabus :- UPSC Exam Syllabus Details:-

UPSC Syllabus : Union Public Service Commission The Top most Indian Government Organisation that cover-up the High Level Indian Government Examination. All UPSC Exam Syllabus (2018 – 2019) is Provided by UPSC i.e the UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) Conduct more than a List of Examination that are Major Examination of India. The Examination That are Conducted or Governed by UPSC Listed Below.

UPSC Syllabus of Different Exams Conducted by UPSC :-

UPSC Exam Date & UPSC Calendar 2018 – 2019 :-


Exam Date (Prelims)
Exam Date (Mains)
UPSC Syllabus 2016 - 2017Civil Services (IAS/IPS/IFS)  03/06/2018  28/09/2018
UPSC Syllabus 2016 - 2017Indian Engineering Services (IES), Engineering Services
06/01/2019 30/06/2019
UPSC Syllabus 2016 - 2017Combined Defence Services (CDS) 30/02/2019 08//09/2019
UPSC Syllabus 2016 - 2017National Defence Academy (NDA) 21/04/2019 17/11/2019
UPSC Syllabus 2016 - 2017Indian Naval Academy (INA) 21/04/2019 17/11/2019
UPSC Syllabus 2016 - 2017Indian Economy Services or Indian Statistical Services 28/06/2019
UPSC Syllabus 2016 - 2017Combined Medical Services (CMS) or CMS Medical 21/07/2019
UPSC Syllabus 2016 - 2017Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF) Services
UPSC Syllabus 2016 - 2017Assistant Commandant (AC) CAPF Services 18/08/2019
UPSC Syllabus 2016 - 2017INDIAN Forest Services 02/06/2019 01/12/2019

UPSC Exam Syllabus (2018 – 2019) of Above Mentioned Exams are Generally Published by UPSC in UPSC Syllabus Category each year in UPSC Notification.

There are so many other UPSC Exams That Comes under the “Union Public Service Commission” and conducted under the State Public Service Commission which are hold under the each state’s Government.


The Above Mentioned Dates of UPSC Exams Can Be Changed at any time without any Prior Notice By Union Public Service Commission, So Please check out the Dates on Regular basis because we are not responsible for any Changes in Schedule of UPSC Examination.

UPSC Syllabus :-

UPSC Exam Syllabus is well know understood by the UPSC Aspirants as a Civil Services Syllabus. Because Syllabus of UPSC is considered as Civil services like IAS : Indian Administrative Services, IPS : Indian Police Services, IFS : Indian Foreign Services. All Three are Comes under Civil Services of UPSC Exam. We Just Provide the Exact and Relevant content of Syllabus for the Aspirants of UPSC Exams for each year (2018 – 2019).

UPSC Exam Syllabus Cover up 10 Ten UPSC Examinations that is Conducted each Year by Union Public Service Commission : UPSC on National Level and there a lot of Examination Conducted by UPSC at State level.

Syllabus of UPSC Exam in Detail :-

As It is so important to know that Syllabus of UPSC Exam is lengthy and take time to cover entire syllabus so we have break down the Syllabus of UPSC Exam in two Parts that can be seen by Just a Click To See The Complete Syllabus of UPSC Exams.

UPSC Civil Services Syllabus :-

UPSC Civil Services Syllabus, is just having two Papers, UPSC Paper – I that is know as

UPSC SYLLABUSUPSC Prelims Syllabus :-

UPSC Prelims (CSAT) Two Papers Both are  of Qualifying Nature; Paper – I (200 Marks)
Both Paper Medium Hindi, English Paper – II (200 Marks)

The UPSC Prelims Syllabus is just used for Entrance Purpose i.e. To Enter in the UPSC each Aspirants of UPSC has to Clear or cover the UPSC Prelims Syllabus. so for clearing the UPSC Prelims we have Given here the UPSC Entrance exam Syllabus.
Because the UPSC Prelims Paper – I is a qualifying paper for the UPSC Exam and will not be used as a Paper for Merit Purpose.

and the second Paper of UPSC Civil Services Syllabus  UPSC Exams is Known as UPSC Paper – II that is known as


UPSC Mains Syllabus Consist Two Papers That are of Qualifying Nature means Paper – A and Paper – B is used for qualifying Purpose not for the Merit in Entire Exam.

UPSC MAINS Qualifying Papers No Use in Merit
Paper – A  (300 Marks) Any Indian Language
Paper – B (300 Marks) General English

UPSC Mains Syllabus is Use to Clear the UPSC Mains Paper Which Consist 9 Papers all are Written Papers and Two of Them are of Qualifying Nature.

UPSC MAINS Papers Used In Merit
Paper – I (250 Marks) Essay on Any Topic
Paper – II (250 Marks)
General Studies – I
 Indian Culture, Indian History With knowledge of World Geography and Society
Paper – III (250 Marks)
General Studies – II
 All About Government System and Politics of India and The World
Paper – IV (250 Marks)
General Studies – III
 Economics, Technical knowledge, Disaster & Environment Management and Development
Paper – V (250 Marks)
General Studies – IV
 Integrity and Aptitude with Ethics Knowledge
Paper – VI (250 Marks)
Optional Subject Paper – I
Paper – VII (250 Marks)
Optional Subject Paper – II
Total Of Written Exam 1750 Marks

UPSC Mains That happen once in a given year of Examination and will be used for the merit purpose in Entire UPSC Civil Services Exam.
UPSC Mains Exam are written Examination conducted by UPSC having a Tough Syllabus of UPSC Exam that is not a simple thing to cover but regular Practice and learning can make it Easy for The aspirants of UPSC.

UPSC Mains Syllabus is having of A Qualifying Nature and will be use for the merit in the selection process of IAS, IPS, IFS post of UPSC Exams.

After UPSC Mains Examination there will a Personal Interview that is also a Major part of UPSC Exam of Civil Services. But the Merit is Mostly Dependent on the UPSC Mains That can be easily Cure by Covering up the UPSC Mains Syllabus.

And at the last UPSC Examination has a Personal Interview Session that is also used for the UPSC Civil Serivces Merit Purpose and it is also of Qualifying nature and should be Passed by The Aspirants of UPSC Civil Services.

UPSC SYLLABUSUPSC Syllabus of Personal Interview :-

UPSC Interview Personality Test 275 Marks
  1. UPSC Syllabus for the UPSC Interview is not Published or mentioned by The UPSC. it can be said that the UPSC Syllabus for the UPSC Interview is just Depends on the Members who take the UPSC interview of UPSC Aspirants of Civil Services Examination.
  2. UPSC Interview of Candidates is one of the best part in this phase. The UPSC Interview is taken by a Board of Member who are too Experienced in the Civil Services and Posted on High level.
  3. The Purpose of This UPSC Interview is not just Putting Cross-questions in front of candidate either it is just used to check the Intellectual Power of the Candidate.
  4. In UPSC Interview The knowledge of Academic Subject is not checked because that has been checked by the written examination, the main Purpose of UPSC Interview is to View the mental ability & Power of the candidate.